January 4, 2015


As she listened to him demand to know her favorite song for the third time, she started to wonder if her inability to determine for certain one song she loved more than all others was a problem.

There have been a lot of things in life she's been uncertain about or indifferent to, but there were definitely a handful of things she's never been more certain of in her entire life.

Can it just be enough to feel passionately about the things most important and immediate to her?

Either way, she leaves the conversation definitely sure he's not a match for her.

December 2, 2014


I hate you. 

But I mostly hate that the fact that I don't hate you at all will make me wonder for the rest of my life.

August 26, 2014

He made another appearance in her dream last night and she realizes there still hasn't been a day since they met that she hasn't thought about him.

She's tried to tell herself she doesn't care, but from the moment she first saw him standing in that East Village bar, it's been a lie.

To be honest, she's been overly invested ever since waiting those 16 days for him to contact her after asking for her number. She only wishes that realization would have come sooner.

Every moment with him is still so clear. She's wondering when and if that will ever fade.

"All along I thought something would go wrong. Didn't you? Walls were up. We never pushed our luck, like we wanted to." - Cross that Line, Joshua Radin

August 10, 2014


She knows these places so well and those there welcome her with open arms. All these places and people helped make her who she is.

As she drives down the highway she knows every curve in these roads. Each exit brings back a flood of memories. So vivid and comforting, yet, she also feels like she's seeing everything for the first time.

She knows she's changed and the places have too. It makes her feel both at home and out of place simultaneously and it's a weird feeling for something so familiar to also feel so foreign.

But the one thing she always leaves with is a sense of clarity. A better sense of who she is, how far she's come and what's really important.

February 27, 2014

The minutes are ticking down and she speeds up. Faster. Harder. She's not sure why. Her intensity does nothing to pass the time more quickly. She could go twice as fast and only end up feeling more tired. In fact, she could slow down completely and would still have to endure for just as long. It's in this moment that she realizes the same could be said about life. But faster in life tends to be more exciting than the treadmill so she carries on for practice.